Toyota will sell 10.48 million vehicles in 2022, ranking first in the world for three consecutive years

Industry News 2023.01.30 1488

Toyota announced on January 30 that global new car sales in 2022 will drop slightly year-on-year to 10.48 million units (10.49 million units in 2021) based on the group as a whole (including Daihatsu Industry and Hino Motors). It still exceeds the German Volkswagen and ranks first in the world for three consecutive years. Although sales were lower than the previous year, overall sales were driven by the Southeast Asian market recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Observing the "Toyota" and "Lexus" brands owned by Toyota , global sales decreased by 0.6% to 9.56 million, ranking first in the world. From the perspective of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries have achieved double-digit growth, and sales in China have only slightly decreased. The easing of severe COVID-19 constraints, coupled with economic stimulus measures from governments around the world, has boosted sales. Overseas sales also hit a record high.


Toyota's global new car sales in 2022 will exceed that of German Volkswagen, ranking first for three consecutive years

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On the other hand, the North American and Japanese markets are experiencing weak growth. Sales in North America fell 9 percent to 2.44 million vehicles, and domestic sales in Japan fell 13 percent to 1.28 million vehicles. North America and Japan, both popular markets for high-priced models, have been severely affected by curtailed production due to semiconductor shortages.


Overall Toyota production up 5% to 1,061 million vehicles, and overseas production hit a record high. It is Asia that plays a pulling role. Production in Asia excluding Japan rose 18 percent to 3.23 million vehicles. In China, Thailand and Indonesia, the effects of increased capacity and improved efficiency are showing, while production in 2021 will usher in a retaliatory rebound due to the decline due to the new crown epidemic. Domestic production, however, fell 8 percent to 2.65 million vehicles, the second-lowest level since 1975, when comparable data was available, after 1976. Regarding domestic production in Japan, Toyota said, "The composition of models and parts differs in each region, and we are making the best effort."


Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HV) and Pure Electric Vehicle (EV ) and other Toyota's global sales of electric models were 2.72 million, an increase of 4%. Among them, the sales of pure electric vehicles increased by 70% to 24,466 units, both hitting record highs. However, Volkswagen's pure electric vehicle sales in 2022 will increase by 26% to 570,000, which has a clear advantage.