2024 Frankfurt International Auto Parts, Automotive Technology and Service Exhibition

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Brief introduction of the exhibition


Today, Automechanika is the most representative auto parts, auto technology and service exhibition in the auto industry. Not only planning according to market demand, but also cooperating with each other in terms of exhibition time and geography, so that exhibitors can expand the global market in the most efficient way.


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Exhibition dateSeptember 10-14, 2024( Tuesday to Saturday)

Exhibition cycleevery two years

Exhibition locationMesse Frankfurt, Germany

Exhibition area305,000 square meters (2018)

< p>Number of exhibitors2,804, from 70 countries (2022)

Number of visitors<span style="white-space:pre" ">78,000 people from 175 countries (2022)

Exhibit rangeParts and components: drive system, chassis department , Body Parts, Standard Parts, Automotive Interiors, Automotive Exteriors, Charging Accessories, Remanufactured Parts, External Air Quality and Exhaust Treatment, New Materials, Related Industry Organizations and Publishers

Electronics and Intelligence Internet connection: electrical appliances, vehicle lighting, electronic system, comfort electronic system, human-computer interaction interface (HMI), intelligent network connection, Internet of Things, related industry organizations and publishers

Supplies and modification: decoration and decoration , Car supplies, car modification and customization, interior and exterior decoration modification, communication entertainment and automotive information technology, special vehicle assembly and modification, passenger cars, small multi-purpose vehicle trailers and their accessories, related industry organizations and publishers

Diagnosis and repair: maintenance station repair and maintenance equipment, tools, digital maintenance, automotive diagnostic instruments, customized and special vehicle maintenance and repair, trailer equipment, new energy vehicle maintenance equipment, fastening and bonding solutions, Waste disposal and recycling, workshop safety and optimization, workshop and distribution point equipment and management, lubricants and lubricants, fluid technology, workshop concepts, related industry bodies and publishers

body and painting: bodywork Repair, painting and anti-corrosion Repairs, painting, sheet metal parts, plastic parts, windows, headlights, rim repairs, new materials, related industry organizations and publishers

Dealer and repair station management: auto repair shop/distribution Commercial/gas station design and construction, dealer marketing and service management, digital marketing, customer data management, network platform, e-commerce and mobile payment, vocational training and advanced training, auto repair shop and car dealer marketing, online trading platform And automobile/parts/service trading market, automobile trade, research, consulting, industry cluster promotion, related industry organizations and publishers

Alternative energy and fuel: energy storage, alternative fuel, supporting products, electric Vehicle-related concepts, rare metals, charging and refueling technology systems, new repair station technologies, related industry organizations and publishers

Mobility services and autonomous driving: mobility services, autonomous driving, fleet management/leasing/enterprise Cars, Related Industry Organizations and Publishers

Car Washing and Maintenance: Car Washing, Car Maintenance, Vehicle Refurbishment and Retouching, Water Recycling, Water Treatment, Gas Station Equipment, Industry Organizations and Publishers

Tires and wheels: tires, wheels and rims, tire repair and disposal, used tires, tire management systems, tire sales and storage facilities, tire and wheel accessories and warehousing, related industry organizations and publishers

Classic car show: classic car complete vehicle, accessories and repair service

OrganizerMesse Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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